How to get a pare1d0scope generative NFT

The pare1d0scope series is powered by the fx(hash) platform on tezos blockchain: you will need a compatible tezos wallet and some tezos cryptocurrency to generate your NFT.

If you already have a funded tezos wallet, just go to

and click on “mint iteration” when the drop opens.

If you don’t already have a tezos wallet, we recommend the Kukai wallet.

To set-up, use a computer and go to:

⚠️ Remember to double-check that the web address is correct to ensure your funds and NFT are secured!

Click “Continue with Google” or other social networks to create a wallet.

⚠️ NB: if you’d like to create a wallet without login to a social network, please check the last section of this guide and come back here after.

Type-in your login information, and a new wallet will be created.

If you already own some tezos (e.g. on an online exchange), you can now transfer some in your wallet to use it for the pare1d0scope NFT. Simply copy your public address (e.g. “tz1fv…KxV”) using the “copy” button on the top left, and transfer tezos to it.

If you don’t own tezos, you can easily buy some with a bank card using the “Buy” button on the left.

🎉 You’re all set! On the drop day, click on the “mint iteration” button: your Kukai wallet will open on the side to confirm the transaction (check top right of the screen). Confirm in Kukai, and you will receive your very own generative edition of the pare1d0scope. Thank you for your support!


If you prefer to avoid connecting to a social network (harder):

Click on “Create New Wallet” on top of the page:

A long “passphrase” will be displayed: write it in a secure place, you will need it to recover your NFTs in case something goes wrong in the future. You will also need it for the next step:

⚠️ Anyone with access to your passphrase can steal your funds and NFTs! Keep it in a secured place and avoid storing it digitally or copy-pasting.

Kukai will then ask you to confirm a few words from your seed phrase to ensure you wrote it down:

You can then set a strong password that you will need to use your wallet.

🎉 Congratulations, your wallet is created! You can download an encrypted copy of it to be able to restore your wallet without the secret passphrase.

You can now go back to the previous page for indications on how to fund your wallet with some tezos cryptocurrency.

sha22 & antonino