who’s next?

generative art | collaboration rvgr & sha22

When a line crosses another, it changes color.

“Who’s next?” is a collaboration between Hervé Graumann & Boris Rabusseau. Discussions around questions related to generative art gave rise to a series of research and the development of joint projects around these questions.

“Who’s next?” is made with the p5.js JavaScript library. We developed a generative algorithm intended to project color lines sequentially and distribute them regularly (but disorderly) on a surface by alternating vertical and horizontal directions.

This procedure is carried out until the surface is completely filled, like weaving a canvas. The segmentations of lines at intersections become more and more numerous as the process unfolds.

There is a simple rule in this mechanic: when a line crosses an existing line, it changes color.

The history of making this network is contained in the process itself; each color change being caused by a previously drawn line. Simply go back from one intersection to another to find the previous lines and finally return to the original line.

This weaving gives rise to unpredictable arrangements, structures, shapes, spots, traces, divisions.

Each edition has its own palettes with a number of colors generally between 4 and 8; the density and thickness of the lines vary from one composition to another.

This algorithm allows you to dynamically design compositions made up of several thousand lines generating millions of intersections. These complex structures can evoke the relationships and changes that occur during any encounter.