Who’s Next? / collab with rvgrrr
When a line crosses another it changes color.
Encounters between individuals lead to profound transformations, a central notion in the "Who’s Next?" series.
Just as when two people cross paths, when two lines meet, one of them changes color, illustrating the repercussion and mutual influence of each encounter.
"Who’s Next?", guided by an algorithm, projects straight lines creating unpredictable intersections.
These intersections, with their color changes, give rise to organic spots and structures.
This piece generates a visual network of connections, highlighting the complexity and beauty of interactions. Each composition, unique in its design, stems from the variability of parameters, reflecting the uniqueness of human relationships.
Generative art / Auction starts on October 5, 2023
fxhash project
a not-so-binary world / collab with Antonino and Egoes4
In this ever-going world, we are facing challenging times. Many of the problems we observe today are consequences of societies adhering to binary oppositions even when they no longer make sense. The world isn't binary, and our thinking shouldn’t be either.
Generative art / Auction starts on June 8, 2023
only one on Tezos
fxhash project
Peristyle / fxhash
Like cities or individuals constantly reinventing themselves to face the difficulties of the future, "Peristyle" embodies this dynamic of perpetual transformation. It plunges us into a universe where perspectives change, where new horizons are revealed while others dissipate.
Generative art / Auction starts on May 22, 2023
fxhash project
Perpetual line / fxhash
When the shimmer of the work comes to life on a screen, the very principle of kinetic art is revealed in all its ethereal finesse. The lines in perpetual movement generate a subtle moiré effect, reminiscent of the magic of the aurora borealis.
Generative art / Auction starts on November 5, 2022
fxhash project
Kinetic butterfly AR / Cimetière des Rois
"A kinetic work unfolds in its graceful linearity. The wings of this synthetic butterfly almost evoke that of an angel, in the _Cimetière des Rois_ inhabited by this unusual presence." published by SESAME NOT ONLINE
only one on Kusama
only one on Tezos
Pare1d0scope / fxhash / collab with Antonino
Generative art / September 22, 2022
fxhash project
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Kinetic butterfly regen / fxhash
Generative art / August 22, 2022
fxhash project
Inside the Shape / fxhash
Generative art / June 22, 2022
fxhash project your own nft
Inside the Shape grayscale / fxhash
Generative art / 2022
fxhash project
Paint / Print / Draw
Generative art exhibition / 2022
Curated by sp3ce
Abyss / The jellyfish proliferate, the glaciers melt. / NFTs project 2022
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image nft
An infinite flapping of wings / NFTs blockchain project 2021
physical artwork
Abyss / textile project 2021
image mapping
Lotus A.I. / interactive installation 2021
image nft
An infinite flapping of wings / NFTs blockchain project 2020
image map
Abyss / sond interactive installation 2020
image tatoo
Kinetic butterfly / tatoo 2019
image heidi
Heidi in front of the bank's dirty money / Street Art 2019