sha22 was created by alisha henry and boris rabusseau in 2019. since 2022, Boris Rabusseau has continued on his own under the name of rabusseau.

Born from a chance encounter between the graphic designer Alisha Henry and the 3D artist Boris Rabusseau, Sha22 is united by a common desire: to explore the boundaries of various graphic worlds and hybridize them, to create visual relationships in light of contemporary issues in order to question them more effectively.

Although both of us come from the graphic arts field, we have evolved in a multitude of environments such as architecture, interior design, advertising, and typography. Since 1992, we have been using digital technologies to explore unprecedented forms of art: VJing, interactive projects, virtual reality, procedural imagery, and other 3D techniques.

We are driven by a strong desire to explore new graphic forms in an era where digital media and videography are favored by institutions. We aim to examine the possible interactions between historical image-making practices and the new possibilities offered by the digital realm.

We start from the premise that today’s real imperative and challenge is to adapt happily to new lifestyles while maintaining a critical mindset regarding digital technologies, whether it be their intrusive nature and/or their energy and environmental impacts.